Here’s a list of the current group members

We are looking for several motivated post-docs and PhD!! Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re interested or have questions.

Edouard Hannezo
Assistant Professor of Biophysics
edouard.hannezo AT


Bernat Corominas-Murtra
Post-doctoral researcher
bernat.corominas-murtra AT


Daniel Boocock
PhD student
daniel.boocock AT


Shi-Lei Xue
Post-doctoral researcher
shi-lei.xue AT


Kasumi Kishi
PhD student (joint with Anna Kicheva)
kasumi.kishi AT


Oleksandr Ostrenko
ISTplus Fellow (joint with CP Heiseberg)
oleksandr.ostrenko AT


Zuzana Dunajova
PhD Student
zuzana.dunajova AT


Suyash Naik
PhD Student (joint with CP Heiseberg)
Suyash.Naik AT


Mehmet Can Ucar
IST Plus Fellow
mehmetcan.ucar AT



Carles Falco (ISTern)
Aondoyima Ioratim-Uba (ISTern)

Students who rotated with us in the past

Louise Arathoon
Giorgio Cipolloni
Michael Riedl
Heloisa Chiossi
Sarath Suresh
Elizabeth Stephenson
Krzysztof Mysliwy
Oluwafunmilola Olusanya